Ford Falcon FG Ute

Make Yourself Ute-ful: MotorTrend Tours South Australia in a Ford FG Falcon Ute [Video]

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While most Americans think of koalas, kangaroos and boomerangs when they hear the word “Australia,” American car nuts tend to think of a land that vehicle design and packaging forgot. BothGMandFordoffer locally-designed and locally-built mid-size, rear-drive passenger cars with both six- and eight-cylinder power (though only for a couple more years in the case ofFord). What’s more, both offer coupe-utility (utefor short) pickup versions of these passenger cars whose engine and driveline configurations fell out of style (at least for non-performance cars) on this side of the globe around the mid-1980s.

And it was a ute – specifically aFG-series Ford Falconpowered by the company’s astronomically-bitchin’, Down-Under-onlyturbocharged DOHC “Barra” inline-six– that carriedMotorTrend Epic DriveshostArthur St. Antoineand the mag/YouTube channel’s editor-at-large (and native Aussie)Angus MacKenzieon a journey through the state ofSouth Australia. From the bustling metropolis of Adelaide, to A-Mac’s boyhood home (complete with hisAlfa-fanatic dad), to the southern edge of the Outback, it’s an enticing look at both how different (and similar) life is over there.

Source: YouTube