How to Make Sure a Used Car is as Advertised

Purchasing a used vehicle can be quite an ordeal. It can be such a difficult process, that often you will see motorists end up rushing into a deal or settling for a vehicle before making sure that it is right for them. Unfortunately, the second-hand car market can be a dishonest one with a lot of scams and sellers attempting to conceal certain aspects.

Fake Specs

One of the more common tricks that a dishonest seller will use is to advertise the automobile with higher specifications than it actually has. This allows them to negotiate a higher price and make the car more desirable than it is. The reason that this is so common is the fact that, sadly, it works as it is very difficult to see beyond the surface of an automobile to establish a fair pricing.

The Importance of Accurate Specs

It is also very easy to lie about a car’s specification, as it can be hard to tell and buyers do not take the time to carry out the necessary checks. Some motorists believe that the specs do not matter this much and they will never notice the difference, but the truth is that specs such as horsepower, MPG, torque and safety ratings are the main factors that determine the value of an automobile.

How to Reveal the True Specs

So, how can you make sure that the seller is not lying and the vehicle is as advertised As mentioned, this is something that can be very difficult to tell yourself which is why it is so common for sellers to lie. Fortunately, there are checks that can be carried out by companies like cap hpi which provide you with the exact specification for the automobile. This is through a database if every vehicle registered in the last 20 years where you can get access to the factory-fitted options and plenty more.

These checks should always be carried out, along with a vehicle history report for complete transparency. This is particularly true if purchasing from a private seller, which can be riskier than going to a dealer but you are also more likely to get a cheaper price with this route.

It is easy to take an automobile as is advertised, but the unfortunate fact is that there are a lot of dishonest sellers in the used car market and it is very easy to boost specs of cars to increase their value. These specs determine the value of an automobile as well as its performance, so it is always worth carrying out checks to uncover the real specification.