Magnus Walker Turbo Fever

Magnus Walker will Give You Turbo Fever [Video]

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By now you’ve probably heard ofMagnus Walker, right? Well in case you haven’t, he’s a British immigrant living in Downtown Los Angeles with his wife, their dogs…and his fleet of earlyPorsche 911s. As the owner of a clothing company and multiple old warehouses and other buildings in the surrounding neighborhood, he can afford to horde vintage air-cooled sports cars like “normal” people horde things like snowglobes and used-by-celebrities napkins. If you still need to know more about Mr. Walker, check out the documentaryUrban Outlaw(which madeour gearhead documentary top 10 lista while back).

This time around, however, we’re focusing on another, much shorter video chronicling Magnus and hisPorsches. It’s calledTurbo Fever, and it’s pretty much Magnus spending a day cruising his1976 Turbo Carrera(one of the first930s imported to the U.S.) around Southern California. If you ask us, there’s just something inherently right about the combination of thoseFuchs wheels, that “Whale Tail” spoiler, and a twisting two-lane road. Just make sure you plan your throttle usage wisely, lest you find yourself hurting into the flora tailpipe-first.

Source: YouTube