MAD Industries Honda Grom Streetfighter is a Menacing Mini Streetfighter


The Honda Grom is nowhere close to being the biggest or most powerful motorcycle made today, but it’s certainly one of the most fun to ride. However, not every Grom geek can get past its somewhat cutesy looks. This is where MAD Industries – a car and motorcycle customizing outfit located deep behind the Orange Curtain in Costa Mesa, California – comes into play by way of turning Honda’s sassy single into a pipsqueak streetfighter.


To give the Grom a more menacing figure, MAD Industries enlisted the services of ComposiMo Fabrication for assistance, specifically the latter’s slip-in stretch kit, rear lowering link, handlebars, scooter-style front fork adapters and other aftermarket function and appearance parts for the Grom. Other changes include a custom seat, Rigid Industries LED lights, Woodcraft Technologies racing rear-sets, Brock’s Performance air filter and muffler, and Brembo brake calipers courtesy of Makoa Scooters. The result? A beginner-friendly bruiser that even the most insecure throttlejockeys can ride with pride.

Source: MAD Industries