This Sublime Yacht Just Gets Better with Age

You can probably count the number of things originating in 1994 that are still fashionable on the fingers of one hand. However, unlike music, clothing and what have you, yachts can be refurbished and modernized, which is exactly what the owners of the 238-foot, 22-year-old Coral Ocean (originally Coral Island) hired Lürssen Yachts to do.

The Jon Bannenberg designed exterior is largely unchanged, but the interior (which features a mix of African and Polynesian beach house influences) has received multiple updates over the years. The boat has accommodations for 12 guests spread across six suites and three decks: The owners’ suite on the top deck, a VIP suite on the middle deck and four guest suites on the bottom deck. The vessel also features a gym/spa/wellness area, barbecue bar, a sprawling sun deck, and a dual-level pool with intricate mosaic work and a large viewing portal. And with two mammoth Caterpillar diesel engines providing the motive force, the Coral Ocean can gallop up to a respectable 17 knots and cover 6,000 nautical miles on a full tank. Not bad for a boat that’s almost old enough to rent a car…

Source: Lürssen Yachts                 Photos: Jeff Brown/Breed Media