LUMMA Design Range Rover CLR R is Bloody Brilliant

Lumma Design Range Rover

We are used to seeing German tuner Lumma Design serve up all kinds of flavors of BMW, Mercedes & Porsche models. Now, they have decided to sip a little English tea and tackle the new Range Rover. The CLR R body kit offers a significant transformation by way of a front spoiler with integrated center vent and cup spoiler, a revised hood with air vents, a reworked front grill, widened wheel arches and extended side skirt panels. In the rear, the kit provides an aggressive bumper and diffuser, carbon tailpipe deflectors and a roof spoiler with integrated brake lights.

Overall, the Lumma Design CLR R is about 50 millimeters wider on each side and squats down low via a sport suspension module which drops the SUV by 40 millimeters. Lumma supplies their 22 x 12 CLR 22 Mono wheels shod in 315/30-22 rubber. A new stainless steel exhaust offers a throatier sound by way of a throttle response system.

Lumma Design Range Rover

Unknown performance mods boost the 5.0-liter gasoline engine of the Range Rover from 510hp up to 540hp. LUMMA Design plans to offer further tuning for both the gas engine and the diesel variations when they become available. They also will be providing an interior package which is said to feature two-tone leather, carbon fiber accents as well as aluminum pedals. The body kit will be available around April of 2013.

Source: Lumma Design