Lumma Design Porsche Panamera CLR 700 GT – Initial Specs & Renderings

Lumma Design CLR 700 GT Porsche Panamera

The Panamera is the first 4-door car produced by German powerhouse Porsche. Its look has been described as incredible, yet, for some unknown reason, it has a reputation for appearing less than appealing in pictures.  One would assume that something that looks beautiful or cool in person would look the same on paper. It’s not as if Madeline Albright is indiscernible from Eva Mendez in person, but you just can’t tell from her picture. I’ve only seen 2, but will say it looks original, and compared to other super sedans on the market today, pretty sweet. When I read you can get it with a twin-turbo V8, I knew I could grow to love it.

This is an engine that promises amazing performance once some smart guys in a shed start to mess with it. After-all, 9ff recently introduced initial specs and drawings of their PT-55, PT-60 and PT-65 custom Panamara. And just on the heels of that announcement, details and renderings of the 750 hp Gemballa Mistrale version of the Panamera were made public. So, it’s really no surprise to see the same thing happening at Lumma Design. This solid German tuning shop has just dropped their preliminary design for their Porsche Panamera program, and it is intense.

Lumma Design CLR 700 GT Porsche Panamera

While specifics are scarce at this time, we do know a few things. The Lumma Design Porsche Panamera has been designated as the CLR 700 GT. The first 3 letters make it sound like the name of a new Mercedes, but don’t worry about that. All you need to know is what “700” stands for — horsepower. I can only guess that the power in this car will show up early and stay as long as you can keep your foot down. Torque numbers aren’t out but they should fall between “heart-stopping” and “organ relocating.” When you put 700 horsepower into a 4-door there are two avenues you can take in regards to the overall design: Fast and sleek, like a Mercedes CLS AMG, or fast and angry-looking, like an AMS EVO.

Lumma Design installed a wide body kit and suspension to lower the car by 1.5 inches. Filling out the new fenders are 22-inch wheels, with a lip so wide it could carry passengers. The new front fascia has huge openings to grab cold air, as well as a splitter to keep it glued. There’s even a carbon-fiber hood with rear-facing vents to fight front-end lift at high speeds. It’s aggressive, but not obnoxious. And while no one will think it’s stock, they will still know it’s a Porsche. In the back are quad-exhaust tips that rest above a carbon-fiber rear diffuser. These are flanked by rear-facing vents to help relieve air pressure in the rear fenders. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Lumma is expecting the driver to go over the speed limit from time to time.

Lumma Design Porsche Panamera CLR 700 GT

Overall, the car looks impressive, if not a bit intimidating. Lumma Design has taken Porsche’s svelt four-door and brought out the animal within. The paint in the press pictures highlights the modifications done to the body, almost to a fault. I like the Panamera’s sleek, rounded look. It is softer than a 997 Turbo, but it is still 100% Porsche. But, if you put a solid coat of Porsche Blue paint on this car, the body would be subdued a bit and the overall look will be stunning. Couple that with the performance it’s packing, and you will finally be able to take the whole family to a movie without the kids fighting over who has to sit in your TechArt GTStreet’s glove box. We look forward to the release of the Lumma Design Porsche Panamera CLR 700GT at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Source: Lumma Design