LUMMA Design Teams Up With G-Power for 730 HP BMW M5 – Look Out Brabus

Lumma Design CLR 730 RS

Collaboration can be good and bad. Metallica and the San Francisco symphony; good. Bush and Cheney; bad. This time it’s the high-end German tuners Lumma Design and G-Power teaming up to make the baddest BMW M5 to date. And they have. Feast your eyes on the new CLR 730 RS Lumma Design. Don’t let the long confusing name distract you, it’s simply incredible.

This may be a match made in heaven. Lumma Design’s forté with the BMW M5 was to focus on the suspension and body, not the engine. So they called G-Power, another German-based tuner that has been tweaking Bimmers for over 25 years. By focusing solely on BMW they have a level of knowledge few can touch. In this case, twin-turbos, breathing through Lumma racing cats, bring the already potent V-10 up to a biblical 730 hp and 516 lb-ft. of torque. Forget the helicopter Jeeves, I’m in a hurry, bring me the Lumma M5.

Lumma Design took it from there. Their CLR 500 wide-body kit is all carbon fiber, with massive fender flares, a hood, trunk, mirrors, and interior pieces. The big fenders allowed Lumma to mount a serious wheel and tire set. All four corners sport 21” wheels, 10 inches wide up front with massive 12s in the back. That rubber helps the car hit 60mph in only 4.2 seconds. At 4,000lbs it’s like an NFL running back, so big yet so fast. With enough room the Lumma BMW M5 howls past the 200mph ceiling and on to a world-blurring 228 mph. Brakes are 380mm 6 piston fronts, fours in the back. 3-way adjustable suspension makes this a true performance sedan.

Unfortunately Lumma put its newest player in a Panda suit, and that’s barely acceptable even if you’re Jack Black. The black paint is only on the new panels, hopefully just to accentuate them for this shoot. With a solid color, the fenders are more subtle than you’d think. It’s a nice kit for the BMW M5 and doesn’t look out of place.

Inside, the seats and door panels of the M5 are bathed in soft leather stitched in the diamond pattern that looks like old money. The pattern is good, different colors could make it a winner. While I’m a fan of carbon, splashing the entire console with it is out of place. The interior is bit bi-polar and not sure whether it wants to be an luxury saloon or a race car. We know the CLR 730 RS is performance sedan, but don’t beat us over the head.

So it has the power of Caesar, Kardashian hips and the interior of a Bentley/Scuderia love-child. Lumma Design set a goal to make a sedan that can turn heads like a “true-bred sports car.” The CLR 730 RS turns heads like a Ferrari, but for the wrong reasons. Fast sedans are very popular, I love them. But not when they can be identified from space. Leave that for the GT3. I prefer 200mph under the radar and a 200mph Panda stands out too much. But change the paint and the leather and this may be one of the best ultra-sedans yet. Now the BMW camp has a car that’s as fast as, well, a rocket.

Source: Lumma Design

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