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Love is a Mini-Splendored Thing: Picking the Brain of Heritage Garage Founder Graham Reid [Video]

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Automotive history is filled with “Eureka!” moments, but few have had as much of an impact on what we drive today asAlec Issigonisdesigning the originalBMC Mini. By turning the engine sideways to drive the front wheels, he was able to give thisBritishicon a large interior, but a small exterior. And since the launch of theMiniin 1959, untold hundreds (if not thousands) of different vehicle makes and models from all four hemispheres have made use of that transformative transverse-engine front-drive layout.

Expat ScotGraham Reidis one of America’s leading experts on the original (and, as some zealots will tell you, real) Mini. His Costa Mesa, California shop –Heritage Garage– is the West Coast’s one-stop shop for service, restoration, and customization of these cheeky little subcompacts. And they don’t get much cheekier than the red Mini in this video that’s had alate-modelHonda VTEC four-bangercrammed under the bonnet. Fookin’ a…

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