This New Louis Vuitton Watch is a Transparent Tourbillon Treat

The Louis Vuitton label is still relatively new to the world of luxury watches, but the famed French fashion firm doesn’t seem too keen on taking the slow and steady approach to gaining notoriety. We say this because the company’s newest timepiece – the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Mystérieuse Flying Tourbillon – is sure to have everybody talking.

A 45mm round platinum case is certainly stylish on its own, but it’s the manually-wound LV110 movement seemingly floating in the space between the front and rear crystals that will cause a pandemic of double-takes. Then again, if you order yours with your initials monogrammed on the tourbillon carriage (something Louis Vuitton offers for an undisclosed extra cost), it might cause triple-takes…

Source: Louis Vuitton