What to Look For When Buying a Watch

There are few pieces of jewelry that hold as much allure and popularity as a watch. Wristwatches were a trend that started way back in 1916 when a watch was first spotted in Europe and referred to as the “bracelet watch”. While it was joked about here in America at first, times quickly changed and it was no longer seen as a passing trend. Watches were here to stay – and they have continued to evolve ever since.

Today, you can find a selection of styles available from the classic watch design to the most high-tech watches out there that do a lot more than just display the time. What this means is that shopping for a watch can be a rather overwhelming experience, thanks to the many possibilities you are faced with. So before you start the shopping experience, you may want to refer to this handy guide that will discuss what you need to look for when buying a watch.

What Do You Need the Watch to Do?

While this may sound like a relatively silly or simple question, this can help to narrow down your options drastically. Before you even start your shopping experience, take some time to consider how you plan to use your watch. Will you be relying on it strictly for telling the time? Do you want added features such as a stopwatch/timer, the date, a built-in light, or alarm? Does it need to be waterproof or water resistant?

Today, you will find a variety of the classically styled watches, as well as watches that are termed more of a sports watch. The sports watch has more features on it, but it’s also got that sporty look to it, so it’s not going to necessarily pair well with all your outfits.

Give Thought to the Style

This leads us to style. The style definitely plays a big role in the decision-making process. If you work in a professional office environment that requires you to dress in a suit each day, then a sports watch isn’t going to work. You’ll likely want something more traditional looking with a leather or metal strap on it. Keep in mind that most watches allow you to change the strap so if you do grow tired of the one you have, or it becomes worn, you can always replace the strap and give it all new life.

The Material of the Watch Face

If you plan on keeping the watch for any length of time, then you will want to be sure it’s a material that holds up well and doesn’t oxidize. Stainless steel is the best option for those who want a watch that is resistant to acid, seawater, and corrosion. With that said, different manufacturers use different grades of steel. A cheaper watch probably has a lower grade of steel and may even be hollow inside. This will affect the durability in a big way.

When it comes to the watch strap, the same rules apply. A high-grade stainless steel will be the most resilient material. Nowadays, you’ll also find that many come with a plastic strap, especially the sports watches. These are great in a sense they are waterproof, but they can fade and cause your wrist to get quite sweaty under the strap. They also break much easier than leather or metal.

Are Swiss Watches Truly Superior?

As you work your way through the options, there’s no doubt you’ll come across Swiss-made watches like the incredibly popular Tissot Visodate Heritage watch. All you have to do is take a look at any Tissot Visodate Heritage review to see just how incredible and well-made these watches are. Its timeless and classic design is one will resonate with people that like a more simplistic style and it features automatic movement, which the Swiss are so well known for.

A Swiss-made watch is often more of an investment piece and is meant for the person who plans on wearing the watch for many years and possibly even passing it down as an heirloom at some point.

Look for a Reputable Brand

While the brand doesn’t mean everything, a reputable brand that has been around for a fair amount of time generally has a pretty solid product. When it comes to watches, you often get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar; there are plenty of great options in the $200 and less range. Sometimes a fashion watch is all you need, as long as you accept it’s probably not going to last very long.

A Watch that Fits Your Needs

Shopping for a watch doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. By setting a budget in advance, being specific about what you need and want, and doing a little research, you’re sure to find the perfect watch.