The Long and Short-Term Impact a Car Accident Could Have on Your Life

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, fault or not, there are a lot of ways this can impact your life immediately and in the future. The days, weeks, and months following the accident will be some of the most trying physically, mentally, and financially. Knowing how an accident could impact your life may not be able to help you change it, but at the very least, it can help make finding a resolution a lot easier. Below is a brief look at how an accident could impact your life and solutions for getting through it.

Property Damage

One of the first and most apparent impacts of an accident is the property damage. Damage to your car, the other driver’s car, and any surrounding property are the most visible at the point of impact. It can be stressful to wonder how it will all get paid for, and more importantly, who is going to pay for it. Though you have car insurance, you’re not sure what will be covered and what you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Depending on the type of insurance you have, and who’s at fault, you could be looking at several hundred for a deductible or several thousand for all expenses (if you’re at fault or have inadequate insurance).

Lost Time from Work

If you’ve been injured to the point that you’re unable to complete regular functions, you may need to take some time off from work. Though there are policies in place to help employees who have been injured like Family Leave Act and disability claims, the process to getting the money can take some time. This can lead to serious financial issues including bills piling up and the inability to afford even the bare necessities. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can be instrumental in this instance. They can assist in seeking compensation for lost wages if it’s determined the accident wasn’t your fault.

Pain and Limitations

After an accident, some aches, pains, and injuries will be obvious and quick to recover from. Other ailments may not show themselves until after time has passed and can also be more difficult or impossible to recover from. Some may experience a temporary or permanent inability to walk, stand, and other necessary functions. These limitations can ultimately prevent your ability to return to work at all, and could cost a lot to accommodate.

Emotional Trauma

An accident is a traumatic experience – especially when there are injuries or fatalities involved. Getting past the event could result in a plethora of emotions. From feeling sad and depressed about your current state to feeling anxious to get back on the road again, recovering emotionally from an accident will take time. There are resources such as counselors who can help you to deal with the emotional trauma you’re experiencing.

The Hassle of Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are your friend until you’re involved in an accident. Then, insurance companies work with their team of legal professionals to protect themselves from having to pay out any more than necessary for an insurance claim. If the accident was complicated, involved a lot of damage, or is not a clear-cut case, you could be looking at an uphill battle with your insurance companies. Again, a personal injury or car accident attorney would be beneficial in this case in that they can provide insight on how to successfully file a claim in your state and seek the maximum compensation allowed.

The Stress of Potential Litigation

Depending on the complexity of the accident you may have to fight for what’s rightfully yours in court. Going up against the guilty party, their insurance company, and a team of legal professionals in the court of law can be intimidating and stressful, to say the least. Understanding legal jargon, following all court processes, and defending yourself can all add to the stress of an impending legal case. For this reason, many rely on the help of a car accident attorney.

At any given time, for any reason, an accident could occur changing just about every dynamic in your life. While you may not notice it at the time of impact an accident has physical, mental, and financial impacts that can be difficult to overcome without some help. Car accident attorneys, counselors, and your primary care physician can all be instrumental in helping you to find some n