Tuned Saab 900

Little Orphan Insanity: Crazy Saab 900 Sleeper Scorches the Texas Mile [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpuy4PAfUts[/youtube]

Although a Chinese-owned consortium calling itselfNational Electric Vehicle Swedenis supposedly working on restartingSaabcar production with anall-electricversion of the most recent9-3, the quirky Swedish marque is, for all intents and purposes, dead. You can blameGMfor poor stewardship of the brand both during and after its period of ownership, blame the Germans and Japanese for doing the whole entry level luxury car thing better, and even blame Ivy League professors for dumping bothSaabandVolvoen massein favor of theToyota Prius, but the bottom line is the Saab we all knew and loved – the one that brought us giant-slaying two-stroke rally weapons, jet-inspired hot hatches that went on to star inmusic videosand, yes, rebadgedSubaru Impreza WagonsandChevy Trailblazers– is no more. And there’s still no guarantee that NEVS will be able to revive it, either.

Of course, no matter what happens with Saab in the future, we’ll always have the cars it made in the past. And what one man has done with an old (but notthatold) Saab is incredible. ThisGM-era900(a.k.a. NG900) has been boosted within an eighth-of-an-inch of its life, allowing it to reach174 mphin the standing mile. And in case that wasn’t remarkable enough, it looks pretty much bone stock. While it might not be the most conventional memorial to Saab, Saab wasn’t exactly the most conventional car company, either.

Source: YouTube