Linde Werdelin Oktopus MoonLight White is on the Rise


Scuba diving can be a fun and exciting pastime. It can also be a wildly dangerous pastime if you fail to follow the proper procedures and precautions, and one of the most critical procedures is keeping track of time. So it’s no surprise that there’s an entire sub-segment of the watchmaking trade that’s devoted to building dive watches. And Linde Werdelin has just introduced a really snazzy one…probably too snazzy for actual diving use.


Dubbed the Linde Werdelin Oktopus MoonLight White, this rather industrial-looking watch – measuring 44 millimeters across – is water resistant to 300 meters, yet it lacks the rotating bezel commonly fitted to dive watches. But there are other neat features that should more than make up for that omission, chief among them a mechanism to tell you what the current phase of the moon is, while the main movement below features 42 hours of power reserve. The case is made of an aerospace-grade metal Linde Werdelin calls “Alloy Linde Werdelin” (ALW for short), and it’s supposedly half the weight of titanium but twice as strong as steel. The company says the finish on it is also designed to reflect and absorb light much the same way an octopus does, hence the name and depiction of the animal on the back of the case.


Linde Werdelin will make just 59 copies of this watch, 59 being double the 29.5 day length of one lunar cycle. And unless you’re crazy rich, you’ll need to save your pennies for a few lunar cycles to be able to afford the $18,500 retail price. And if you want the company’s kind-of-matching Reef dive computer(shown in two of the photos below), you’ll need to save even more dough.

Source: Linde Werdelin