Limited Edition BMW M Bike Coming Soon to a Dealership Near You

BMW M Bike

First it seemed like all the luxury car makers were branching off into powerboats and now that trend continues with something much more attainable and practical, the pedal bike. BMW M division is offering a limited edition cycle starting in June at select dealerships. It certainly looks the part but does it have the goods?

The bike’s 28 pound aluminum frame comes in three different sizes all sporting a matte anthracite paint job. A leather fi’zi:k saddle (yeah, not sure either) with a red inlay provides a sleek and comfortable ride when sandwiched between your cheeks. Performance comes by way of a Manitou Match front suspension fork, Shimano SLX gear system and disk brakes front and rear.

The press release claims that “the high total gear ratio transmission delivers astonishing speed” which makes us curious. Using mid-level mountain bike components and aluminum is not exactly a recipe for lightning-fast cycling. At least give us a carbon seat post, carbon fork and carbon handlebars and maybe some Altegra components or better… In any case, BMW assembled a visually appealing bike, regardless of whether or not it is competitive.

We all know that bikers like to coordinate, so there is an M Collection of accessories for all of your accoutrement needs. An M Cabin Bag and M Shoes will keep you stylin’ and hip when rolling up at the local Starbucks for a break from your leisure ride.

Source: BMW