Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R front 3/4 view

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R is Bluing up Bigtime

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R front 3/4 view

The fender flares and other body accessories offered by Liberty Walk may not be the most parts of their kind, but they certainly are among the most effective. Anyone looking to fit dramatically fatter wheels and tires to or, *gulp* stance their Lamborghini, Ferrari or Nissan GT-R (among other things…including the current-gen Prius) would be nuts to not at least take a look at what this Japanese company has on offer. Of course, if you’re the sort of person who can afford supercars like those, there’s decent chance you didn’t get into that position by spending money at random without doing your homework.

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R side view

Having said that, Liberty Walk seems to be intent on making an even more compelling case for itself, for it has released the new Nissan GT-R body kit seen here. Naturally, there’s a hefty fender flare at each corner, so hefty in fact that they feature extensions that attach to the front and rear fascias. You also get a racing style front splitter, a much more open front bumper, rear diffuser, and a ducktail rear spoiler. This particular R35 also features a slammed suspension and wheel wells crammed full of Forgiato wheels wrapped in white-letter Toyo Proxes tires.

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R rear 3/4 view

All that extra real estate on the exterior will set you back $15,500, plus the cost of whichever wheels, tires and suspension mods you select. Not cheap, certainly, but considering how many tuned GT-Rs are out there, do you really want to limit yourself to a stock (or at least stock-appearing) one?

Source: Liberty Walk