Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Spider by SR Auto is Bellaflush

While many people would consider the Ferrari 458 Spider to be the epitome of motoring perfection right out of the factory, not everyone shares that opinion. Hell, not even all 458 Spider owners feel that way! Good thing, then, that Liberty Walk makes a stance-tacular body kit for Ferrari’s current open-top junior supercar.


This particular Liberty Walk 458 Spider – which was assembled by SR Auto Group – utilizes the expected front and rear fender flares, as well as the front splitter, rear spoiler, rear diffuser and side skirts that comprise the kit. SR Auto also lowered the suspension and installed a set of ADV1 wheels finished in candy apple red to match the car’s leather interior and the fasteners holding the fender flares on the al fresco Ferrari’s flanks. Sure, all these modifications have done substantially more harm than good regarding this car’s performance, but for some people that’s a sacrifice worth making.

Source: SR Auto Group