Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Tribute Reminds Us You Don’t Know What You’ve Got until It’s Gone [Video]

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If the late modelsupercarmarket was like prom, theLexus LFAwould be the undisputed wallflower. It lacks the pedigree of the European nameplates. Its engine does not reside behind the cockpit, therefore the LFA is outside thesupercardesign orthodoxy. And speaking of design, it’s…well…an acquired taste.

None of that means, however, that there wasn’t any passion or dedication that went into its development. In fact, as this video fromLexusitself proclaims, the opposite is true. And as the video also implies, lessons learned on the LFA project will find their way onto future Lexus models. If you ask us, that’s at least one thing that makes the LFA noteworthy.

Source: YouTube