LEGO Batman Tumbler front 3/4 view

LEGO Batman Tumbler is 1,869 Pieces of Cool [w/ Video]

LEGO Batman Tumbler front 3/4 view

Not to sound like the kind of person who sits in a folding chair in his driveway and barks at kids walking down the sidewalk – even on the other side of the street – to keep off his lawn but, in our day, LEGO sets belonged to one of four themes: Medieval, Pirates, Space, and City, plus some freestyle sets, Duplo for the young ’uns and Technic for the big kids. And dag nabbit, we liked it! In 2014, though, there’s a head-spinning array of themes, including a host of licensed properties like Star Wars, The Simpsons and DC Comics. It’s enough to make the Polident boil right through the roofof our mouth…

LEGO Batman Tumbler rear view

Anyway, there’s a new addition to LEGO’s DC Comics line, and boy, is it big. Once assembled, this model of the Batman Tumbler – from the most recent Christopher Nolan movies – measures 15” long, 9” wide and 5” high, and weighs more than 4 lbs. Oh, and the set consists of 1,869 pieces, most of them going into the Tumbler itself. However, a few of those 1,869 are exclusive minifigures of the Caped Crusader (played by Christian Bale) and The Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger), plus a placard that displays the “real” Tumbler’s vital statistics.

LEGO Batman and Joker minifigures

Want one? Well, you’re going have to wait a while, as LEGO won’t start taking orders on its online store until September 1st. And once it is available, you’ll have to fork over $199.99 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes) to make one yours. That’s some sum, yo. But if you’re a big fan of Batman, a severe LEGOmaniac, or both, you probably can’t afford to not get this.


Source: LEGO