Vilner Ducati Diavel Carbon w/ model

Leather-Trimmed Ducati Diavel Carbon by Vilner Hides in Plain Sight

Vilner Ducati Diavel Carbon w/ model

Few new motorcycles blend high-fashion and high performance better than the Ducati Diavel. Its long, slender shape and booming narrow-angle 1,198cc twin make it like a two-wheeled motorized bull. If all streetfighter bikes had this same basic silhouette, the world might very well be a better place.

The Bulgarian custom upholstery specialists at Vilner have used the dynamite Ducati as the basis for a leather-clad custom bike. By doing so, they’ve managed to make the Diavel Carbon an even more dynamic – and fashion-forward – motorcycle.

Vilner Ducati Diavel leather detail

Vilner has replaced the seat and tail section with a slightly stubbier unit, with the seat wrapped in top-quality black leather with red stitching. The sides of the gas tank and the engine air scoops that attach to the tank also receive matching splashes of leather. Additionally, Vilner adds a redesigned headlight surround and front fender, as well as various trim pieces around the engine and intakes. Oh, and the taillight lens is also smoked.

Obviously, none of the aforementioned changes could be considered dramatic departures from the stock bike. However, the more you study this bike, the more changes you find, though none of them really seem out of place. No word how much Vilner plans on charging for this additional cowhide and different bodywork, but considering how great it looks (even without the babe seen in some of these pics), the price would have to be really, stupidly high for us to forgo it if we had a Diavel.

Source: Vilner

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