Larte Design Mercedes-Benz GLS Does an About Face [w/ Video]

When it comes to tuning large luxury SUVs, the guys and gals at Larte Design seem to be more on-the-ball than most. Its take on the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class remains one of the most aggressive reinterpretations of that three-row heavyweight. However, the GL has a new face and a new name (GLS), and Larte Design has updated its parts for the German-by-way-of-Alabama machine accordingly.

The rear bumper, side skirts/steps and fender flares appear to be quite similar – if not identical – to the equivalent GL parts, but the front fascia and grille are totally different and, if you ask us, are much better for it. No more gaping Audi-ish maw; instead, there’s a tasteful custom grille insert and a front bumper assembly that wouldn’t look totally out of place on an otherwise stock Mercedes-AMG GLS 63. Of course, if you’re going to get the front body kit bits, why not get ‘em all?

Source: Larte Design