Larte Design Infiniti QX80 front 3/4 view

Larte Design Infiniti QX80 is Large and Lumber-Filled

Larte Design Infiniti QX80 front 3/4 view

When someone’s rattling off the names of current full-size luxury SUVs and mentions the Infiniti QX80, do you let out an audible, “Huh?” You aren’t alone, considering the artist, er, SUV formerly known as the QX56 has, seemingly since day one, struggled to match the sales tallies and brand awareness enjoyed by the likes of the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and Range Rover. This is not to say that the biggest Infiniti of them all is a bad vehicle; far from it, in fact. But when was the last time you heard its name dropped in a chart-topping rap ditty?

Larte Design Infiniti QX80 rear 3/4 view

However, there may soon be some cracks forming in that façade of anonymity if Russian tuner Larte Design has any say in the matter. It has just released its third body kit (known as LR3) for the QX80 and man, does it pile on the style. A completely new front bumper and grille insert give this leviathan a much different (and, dare we say, slightly more pleasing) face, plus the rear bumper and side skirts/running boards are also replaced. And there’s a new muffler-back exhaust system with quad tips to add to the visual (if not aural) flare.

Larte Design Infiniti QX80 interior view

The augmented aesthetics carry over to the cavernous cabin, where a flat-bottomed leather- and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, machined aluminum pedals and teak decking in the cargo area – with matching teak floormats for the passenger area! – jazz up the already-posh appointments. All in all, Larte Design has made a pretty compelling case for taking the luxury SUV road-less-traveled.

Source: Larte Design