Larte Design Elizabeta is a Tastier Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S is, for us and many other people, a visually striking automobile. No, its styling doesn’t shout its green car cred from the proverbial rooftops like, say, the BMW i duo does, but it has curves and overall proportions that are quite pleasing to the eye. Surely there’s no way Larte Design could improve upon them, is there?


Well, that depends on what you like. If you’re into front fascias with angular scoops and reshaped grille openings (or, in the case of electric cars like the Model S, “grille” openings), rear fascias with diffusers, side skirts, fender vents and subdued rear spoilers, then Larte Design’s “Elizabeta” package for the sans-combustion super sedan should be right up your alley. And you would have some royal company in that respect: Monaco’s Prince Albert – an avowed EV fan – proudly helped unveil this tuned machine at the recent Top Marques Monaco event held every year in the tiny principality.

Source: Larte Design