Lake Como Villa Complex is Bella beyond Words

If you find yourself looking for a place to settle in Europe, and you have a bank account with an above average number of decimal places in the balance, you really ought to consider the shores of Italy’s Lake Como.  It’s an especially good idea if you can find a place like this 7 million euro (roughly $7.9 million) estate. We say “estate” because there are actually two villas on this property: One built in the 1950s with 450 square-meters (about 4,844 square-feet) and a recently-constructed one with a more open floorplan and modern architectural touches. The newer house also includes a rather large garage on the ground floor in which to keep your four wheeled toys (i.e. the ones for when you’re not playing with the ones that float), while both homes feature modern appliances and other amenities, and the whole compound features more than a third of an acre of private garden and a mixture of native and Japanese maple trees.

Honestly, we’re concerned that almost any vacation destination you picked would feel like a downgrade compared to living here. A rather nice problem to have, that one…

Source: Casaitalia International