Laglio Villa at Lake Como is La Dolce Vita

Few places in inland Europe are as pretty as Lake Como, which lies at the foot of the Italian Alps just north of Milan. Consequently, residences located along the lake have been highly coveted for centuries, so when such homes come up for sale, they command a pretty penny. And when those homes are as large and lavish as Laglio Villa is, they’re sure to command a really, really pretty penny.

Exactly how pretty a penny well…the listing agency isn’t willing to say publicly. But let’s look at the numbers that are known: Built in 1900. Living space totalling 26,909 square feet. Bucolic gardens covering 0.8 acre. Seven bedrooms. Seventeen full bathrooms (and a few more partial ones). Two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor). A wine cellar with room for 2,000 bottles. A boat dock. And a 968.75 square foot garage. Honestly, there’s not much this house is missing…and a spectacular view certainly isn’t one of those things.

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty