KTW Tuning Porsche 911 front 3/4 view

KTW Tuning Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 is State of the Techart

With new variants of the latest generation Porsche 911 – a.k.a. 991 – starting to show up in dealers, 911s not named GT3, Turbo or Turbo S are kinda old news. This is not to say that the regular and S versions of the Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 are dull cars; far from it, in fact. Plus, unlike the aforementioned hot rod versions of the 991, you can still get them with a manual transmission. But the new GT3 and Turbo are blazingly, mind-alteringly fast, and look the part. And the C2/C2S/C4/C4S…don’t.

Of course, there are ways to fix the “nerdy” 911s’ shortage of presence relative to their “popular jock” siblings. The automotive aftermarket offers a cornucopia of custom parts aimed at making the workhorse of the Porsche product portfolio more distinctive. One company offering such parts is TechArt, and now KTW Tuning has served up its own take on a TechArt-fortified 991.

KTW Tuning Porsche 911 rear 3/4 view

KTW Tuning’s creation started life as a stock Carrera S, to which the company added a complete TechArt body kit. New bumpers front and rear, side skirts and a GT3-esque fixed rear wing adorn the latest evolution of the classic 911 profile. The headlight trim rings and exterior mirror caps are also replaced, and the rocker panels are now adorned with some tastefully subdued stripes. Lastly, this primped Porsche rolls on 21” matte black Formula III wheels from – you guessed it – TechArt. You can tell it’s been enhanced, but KTW Tuning didn’t go overboard, either.

Inside, it’s a case of “same song, different verse.” The tachometer face and trim on and around the shifter have been dumped in favor of red replacements, while a large portion of the dashboard trim and the steering wheel spokes are now white. And speaking of the steering wheel, it’s now a flat-bottomed piece.

KTW Tuning Porsche 911 interior view

As for mechanical upgrades, you’ll have to be content with a performance exhaust system with remote controlled bypass valves and a TechArt nose lift system to make life for the new lower and longer front fascia a bit less rough. The 400 horsepower 3.8L flat-six and 7-speed PDK transmission remain as they were when the car left the factory, which is quite alright by us!

KTW Tuning isn’t saying how much all these upgrades cost, but we’re guessing it won’t be all that massive. Not massive compared to the cost of a new Carrera S, anyway…

Source: KTW Tuning