KTM X-Bow Gets Retro-Cool New Clothes Thanks to Montenergy

KTM X-Bow Montenergy Stratosferica front 3/4 view

The KTM X-Bow is often overshadowed by its British rival, the Ariel Atom, which is most unfortunate. Granted, no over-the-top British TV host has ever had his face ruffled by one, but the fact remains it’s still a mid-engine, cycle-fendered, psychotically-fast runabout. Maybe it’s also due to the fact that it has a less-high-strung turbocharged 2.0L engine (sourced from Audi) and the breeze isn’t blowing through the lower part of the cockpit is a turnoff for people who find the Atom’s elemental (emphasis on mental) approach. Either way, the X-Bow seems rather underappreciated.

One company that certainly does appreciate it, however, is Montenergy. The Italian carrozzeria (coachbuilder in lingua inglese) has already been re-clothing the X-Bow to varying degrees, but now it has unveiled a nearly full-clothed take on this Austrian track star. But that might not be the biggest news; no, that may come down to what the Montenergy designers used for their styling muse.

KTM X-Bow Montenergy Stratosferica left side view

Montenergy is calling this reskin the Stratosferica, and giving the car more than just a passing glance will tell you that the legendary Lancia Stratos provided the inspiration. The wedge nose, the bulging front fenders, the wraparound windshield and side windows (thanks in no small part to the X-Bow’s lack of A-pillars), the dual round taillights and the ducktail rear spoiler all ape the Bertone-penned rally rocket of the ‘70s. The only thing it’s missing, in our eyes, is a loud body color and gold wheels (both of which would be easy to add yourself once the conversion is done).

What’s more, the turbocharged Audi four-banger gives the Stratosferica performance that humiliates the Ferrari Dino V6 powered Stratos, and that’s in standard 240hp form. Montenergy offers Stratosferica buyers an upgrade pack that gooses the engine up to 310hp. Zowie.

KTM X-Bow Montenergy Stratosferica rear 3/4 view

If you want one (though keep in mind that, predictably, the X-Bow isn’t street legal in the U.S.), get ready to shell out 98,000 Euros (which is just over $141,000 at present exchange rates) for a Stratosferica to call your very own. Yes, that is pretty steep, but Montenergy will sell you an X-Bow-based Monte Carlo (which also has a roof and windows but retains the stock X-Bow’s mostly open bodywork) for 20,000 Euros – or $28,800 – less. Whichever one you pick, chances are you’ll have the only one on the track. And you won’t have to wear a full-face helmet to keep your cheeks from flapping, either.

Source: Montenergy