Knitted Ferrari F355 is Sew Cool

Knit Ferrari F355 front 3/4 view

As hobbies go, knitting is hardly the one we’d most like to take up. Yeah, it’s neat to be able to see a glove or a sweater take shape through your own handiwork, but here’s the thing: Western society has, for Cthulhu-knows how long, classified it as one of the most un-macho activities ever devised. It is a notion that could not be drummed into our collective head more emphatically if the reanimated-by-a-caffeine-burning-fission-reactor corpse of Keith Moon was thumping the skins.

However, that can’t stop us from appreciating the work that goes into knitted and crocheted creations. But clothing isn’t very exciting, is it fellas? Not exciting like, say, the giant Ferrari tribute seen here.

Knit Ferrari F355 rear 3/4 view

Created by British artist Lauren Porter, this roughly life-sized replica of an F355 Berlinetta (one of our favorite V8 Ferraris of all time, it must be said) is actually made from 240 knitted squares that are pieced together over a metal frame. All told, about 12 miles(!) of yarn were used, but not an inch went to waste, as this Fauxrrari has all the correct badges, lights, five-spoke wheels, and even the windshield wipers of the real car.

Knit Ferrari F355 badges closeup view

Porter, for her part, is well aware of knitting’s reputation as a dull, feminine hobby. In fact, as she explains, she made this Ferrari (over the space of 10 months) to challenge that stereotype:

“I created a Ferrari because it is instantly recognisable and the opposite of what people expect from something that is knitted. Bringing binary opposites together results in the work becoming appealing to a mixture of audiences. I want as many people as possible to see and enjoy my work — including those who wouldn’t ordinarily go to an art gallery.”

Knit Ferrari F355 badge and wheel closeup view

Well, we can honestly say that we don’t usually go to art galleries, but we would for this thing. Heck, we’d love to see a museum dedicated solely to car art. Just don’t hire the blokes from Top Gear to run it, ‘kay?

Source: Illusion via Hooniverse

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