Kneißler Autotechnik Tunes the E46 BMW M3 – Supercharged to 459 HP

Autotechnik Kneissler E46 BMW M3

The E46 BMW M3 is considered by many purists to be the ultimate sports car – a sensational driving machine that needs no additions or subtractions. But don’t tell that to aftermarket tuners like Kneißler Autotechnik who recently finished applying the finishing touches to their latest offering for the M3, which includes both major performance modifications and some new styling flavor.

The most compelling aspect of Kneißler’s package is a supercharger using a compressor kit and a charge air cooler with the software optimization that ups engine output to 459 horsepower. This is a nice bump over the 343 horsepower coming from the naturally aspirated inline-6 engine. Kneißler also offers a high grade steel sports muffler.

 Kneißler Autotechnik M3 Supercharged

Kneißler Autotechnic E46 BMW M3 includes a host of additional modifications including a Stoptech high-performance brake system with 6 pistons up front and 4 pistons in rear (sporting Stahlbus air vent caliper plugs), Oxigin-alloy wheels measuring 20×8.5-inch up front and 20×11-inch in back wrapped in low profile Hankook tires, and a KW-sport coil-over kit and sport stabilizers. And for some personalized touches Kneißler will even hook you up with LSD-gull-wing-doors and flanged wheel arches (which you’ll need anyway if you opt for their monster alloy package).

Since the E46 BMW M3 was produced from 2000 to 2006, this package from Kneißler Autotechnic may be just what one needs to refresh one’s previous generation Bimmer and give the new E92 Coupe a run for its money. There are no performance figures for this M3 package so we’ll just have to wait until somebody posts a video on YouTube to find out if it’s the real deal.

Source: Kneißler Autotechnik