Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition: Truly, A Thing of Beauty

Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition

Kicherer is German tuning company with over 30 plus years of experience customizing and modifying Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Today, the company has announced a new addition to their lineup – the Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition

Not to be confused with Mercedes AMG Black Series cars, the “Black Edition” of Kicherer’s SLS is based on its overall color — black. For example, the entire car is painted in a matte black finish, as well as the 20 inch RS-1 alloy wheels. The only place the car breaks from this mold is the interior, which is lavishly upholstered in a bright maroon colored leather, and on the brake calipers which are adorned in gold.

 Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition

Aside from the color, the Kicherer SLS has received a new carbon fiber lip and rear diffuser. Kicherer has even added new side grilles to complement the overall look of the car. Furthermore, this car has received a new quad tip exhaust system that will surely start earthquakes.

Without a doubt, Kicherer has also dragged more horses from the bowels of the standard 571hp 6.3 liter V-8. The engine mods allow the car to output 620hp. This is enough to make anyone smile from ear to ear. For those who like technical specs, the exact figure for a 0-100kph (around 62mph) sprint has not been released by Kicherer yet. However, the standard Mercedes SLS can spring from 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. It would be interesting to see what kind of time Kicherer’s modified beast can put up. 

If you think Mercedes’ SLS is emitting too much Carbon Dioxides into the atmosphere. Fear not, Mercedes will be producing their all-electric SLS prototype sometime in the year 2013. Be sure to keep you eye out. But for now, you can marvel at the beauty of the Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition in the gallery below. 

Source: Kicherer