Ken Block Gymkhana Practice (VIDEO)

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

Ken Block is the co-founder of skate company, DC Shoes. He also happens to be an accomplished rally car driver who started competing nationally back in 2005. Since then he has been busy moving up the ranks and making a name for himself on the racing scene. To sharpen his skills, he has been avoiding dirt and trees for a bit to try something a little more unbridled and unrestricted — abandoned airfields.

There is actually a motorsport known as Gymkhana that is performed in wide open parking lots where drivers maneuver around various obstacles while performing slaloms, drifting, 180 and 360 degree turns and such. Ken decided to take a crack at this with his own super aggressive driving flair.

Using a 530 horsepower Crawford Performance 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Ken is able to perform some really amazing feats in this Gymkhana Practice video. This was just released yesterday but it is going to be HUGE! If cute little cats playing with yarn can get hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewings, this thing is going to be in the millions. Mark my words, Ken Block is going to be an internet sensation!

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