VIDEO: Ken Block Finally Releases “Gymkhana 3”…or Does He?

Ken Block Gymkhana Forza 3

Okay, the above screencap is not really taken from Mr. Block’s latest ode to violence against tires. In fact, that angry sounding Ford Fiesta’s not even real; none of it is. It’s actually a still from a video that takes place in the virtual automotive universe of the hit Xbox 360 game Forza Motorsport 3. Sorry to get your hopes up.

However, this video does highlight how much one can do with FM3, be it replicating a famous paintjob (or coming up with your own), customizing things like the wheels and tires, suspension, engine and driveline, and messing around on the relatively vast expanses of the Benchmark High Speed Ring track, which do look quite similar to the former El Toro Marine base and the Port of Los Angeles, the settings for Gymkhana 1 and 2, respectively. So how well does this polygonal tribute stack up to the hit videos? Hit the jump and judge for yourself.

Source: Exhaust Notes