Video: Ken Block and His Mad Mustang Rise to the Occasion in “Climbkhana”

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn (a.k.a. the customized-to-the-nines AWD first-gen Ford Mustang coupe) was already one of the most badass custom muscle cars on the planet. But the head of the Hoonigan empire has always known his angry pony was capable of taking on something big, like the size of a mountain. Say…Pikes Peak?

Of course, this being Ken Block, he didn’t attempt to go for the best time up the famous Colorado road (even though we’re sure the Hoonicorn could set a time that would impress within the context of the race-prepped machinery that makes the ascent every Independence Day weekend); rather, Block and the creative team for “Climbkhana” (which includes prolific car commercial director and multi-time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb class winner Jeff Zwart serving as co-director) decided to let man and machine do what they do best…that is to say, lots of drifts, donuts and other vehicular ballet moves. Oh, and getting close to the edges of some crazy-big drops, because the thin air must make tempting fate seem more appealing…