Kahn Design WB12 Vengeance has a Score to Settle

It might not be the longest-running model in Aston Martin history, but the DB9 (which arrived for the 2004 model year) has nevertheless gotten long enough in the tooth that we expect to hear about a band of cavemen cornering one in the valet line at Chateau Marmont and lobbing spears at it any day now. But in the absence of any significant updates from Aston Martin itself, Kahn Design has stepped into the breach with and transformed the DB9 into something it calls the WB12 Vengeance. Scarcely a single exterior panel has escaped being replaced by a reshaped composite piece, plus new round taillights and dual stainless steel exhaust tips that feature crosshairs detailing. Expect more details about this coachbuilt coupe to come out when it debuts at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Source: Kahn Design