Kahn Design Phoenix Rises to the Occasion

Although the effects of winter are very much in full effect in the hemisphere we call home, it won’t be long before the weather starts turning warmer and sunnier. And what better vehicle to take advantage of that than a folding-top funmobile like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible? Okay, so it’s not the most athletic or practical (assuming any convertible can be labeled as such) ragtop out there, but it’s certainly different. And this modified take on the subject by Kahn Design is even more different.

The volcanic orange paint is a heck of an attention-grabber in and of itself, but the Kahn crew took things to the next level with a set of its more aggressive bumpers, rear spoiler, mesh grille insert and center-exit twin-tip exhaust, not to mention a set of 22” wheels finished in satin black. Inside, the four-seat cockpit has been retrimmed in Herringbone black leather with white accents and stitching, Alcantara dashboard trim, stainless steel sill plates and a set of custom floor mats. A complete Phoenix like the one that you see here (with the not-for-America 180 horsepower four-cylinder turbodiesel) will shrink your bank account by about $84,000, which isn’t too far off what you’d pay for a stock “proper” Range Rover. Then again, even the giant sunroof on those can’t hold a candle to its kid sister’s fold-down fabric lid when it comes to letting in the photons…

Source: Kahn Design