JL Audio Redefines the Subwoofer

JL Audi W7 Subwoofer Series

When it comes to pushing the most bass without the harsh distortion or thermal loss, the W7 subwoofer series from JL Audio tops the list. A new DMA optimized motor system, a longer voice coil, elevated frame and three other exclusive audio technology patents were created specifically for the W7 series. If one were to ask, “What automobile is on the leading edge of technology?” You may state: Ferrari, Toyota or any number of automobile manufacturers. However, when the same question is asked pertaining to the automotive audio industry; the universal response would be JL Audio.

JL Audio characterized the industry with their initial national distribution line of subwoofers in 1992. They were among the first to use multiple layered voice coil windings and patented vented reinforcement collar (VRC), which fortifies the union between the coil and cone. JL has since released their highly developed W7 subwoofer series for stringent performance use exceeding 1,500 watts. Research and development for the W7 was the most extensive of any other JL series. Exclusively for the W7 series, JL Audio developed six new audio technology patents that embody considerable progress in subwoofer driver design. The goal of the W7 series was to provide consumers with a dynamic range of quality, competence and extreme performance.

These six innovative patents provide the W7 with its superior power handling capabilities. A radial cross-drilled center pole piece greatly enhances heat dissipation of the voice coil former by directing airflow through the core. This allows the resistance of the coil to remain consistent, which improves frequency consistency. Ultimately reducing the power compression effect, leading to more linear performance for extended periods of time.

JL Audio W7 Series Subwoofer - Pole Piece

An elevated frame design was included to the W7 to deliver cool air through slots above the voice coil of the speaker in order to minimize dynamic parameter shifts and power compression. The floating cone attach method (FCAM) developments were used to ensure proper surround geometry during use. The voice coil and surround cone are attached at this crucial joint, which reacts to any variations in concentricity without having them negatively impact the integrity of coil-centering at high excursions.

JL Audio W7 Subwoofer Series - W-Cone

By the time the W7 series subwoofer was offered as a consumer product, it was comprised of completely original design that shared no major components with any series before it. The W7 has been purpose-designed and manufactured part-by-part to give the each consumer a unique product. The development process of the majority of other audio manufacturer’s is comprised of using cheaper parts from previous generation speaker series. If you’re looking for premium subwoofer performance, you have not only found the most thunderous automotive subwoofers on the market, but also proven quality.

Source: JL Audio