JE Design Progressor Gives the Porsche Cayenne Turbo Extra Pep and Panache

JE Design Porsche Cayenne Progresso front 3/4 view

The Porsche Cayenne has almost gotten common enough to make us forget what Porsche was like before it was introduced. We’ve seen lower-level new ones in upper middle class neighborhoods, and the prices of early first gen models have started to dip below $20,000, meaning most SUV shoppers can afford to buy one (though maybe not pay for maintenance and repair for much longer than a couple years).

This accessibility leads to ubiquity, and ubiquity means the Cayenne is no longer special. But a new Cayenne that’s been reworked by a tuner is special. And if you ask us, the new Cayennes reworked by JE Design are more special than most.

JE Design Porsche Cayenne Progresso side view

Dubbed the Progressor, this feisty 4×4 features a snazzy body kit comprised of new front and rear bumpers, a new power dome hood, fender flares, rocker extensions and a rear spoiler that wraps around the back window. The stock wheels are replaced with one of two styles of JE Design’s own 22” alloys: The five-spoke SUV-Select, and the split five-spoke Scorpio. The exhaust system exhales through a quartet of 3.9” tips, and an air suspension system (whose ride height is adjustable via an iPhone app) round out the changes that are visible from the outside.

JE Design Porsche Cayenne Progresso rear 3/4 view

But if the body kit qualifies as big news, the changes under the hood are huge news. The body kit and wheels will fit all Cayennes, but if you want big power gains over stock, you’re going to have to step up to the Cayenne Turbo. By doing so, you give JE Design the opportunity to take the 4.8L twin-turbo V8 from 500hp to 610hp. No word on what parts are used to give this increase, or what effect the added muscle has on straight line performance, but it’s safe to assume you’ll never be left wanting for passing power (or power for anything else).

If you want to turn your second gen Cayenne into a Progressor, you’ll have to send JE Design about $19,000 for the body kit, while the body kit plus everything else will run you roughly $34,500. That’s serious coin, but it does get you serious speed and style.

Source: JE Design