Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar is Otherworldly

Our solar system is a big place (despite the demotion of Pluto from “planet” to “dwarf planet”), but it’s pretty easy to scale down for an illustration or model. Of course, that scalability also comes in handy for other objects depicting to our ‘hood in the galaxy…like watches, for instance. That’s the path Jacob & Co. has taken with its latest stunner, the Astronomia Solar.

The hand-carved earth completes a spin on its axis once per minute, and makes a full orbit of the dial (on which the seven other planets are depicted) every 10 minutes. In addition to those complications and the ones for the hour and minute dials and the flying tourbillon, the hand-wound JCAM19 calibre (which provides a 48-hour power reserve) also drives the aventurine base that rotates in the opposite direction of the earth, giving the illusion of everything inside the 44.5 mm 18 carat rose gold case (affixed to a black alligator leather strap) residing in a zero gravity environment. And speaking of weightless, that’s how your make this trippy timepiece yours: Jacob & Co. commands just a hair over $1 million for this watch. But what a watch, though…

Source: Jacob & Co.