John Willhoit Porsche 911T

It’s a German Thing: Moments of Classic Porsche Zen with John Willhoit [Video]

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Few fans of a particular car manufacturer are more fanatical than fans ofPorsche. Unsurprisingly, this intense enthusiasm tends to manifest itself not just in the people who own them, but the people who earn a living working on them, as well. Long Beach, California-basedJohn Willhoitis just such a guy who works onPorsches, specifically the restoration and maintenance of356s and early911s.

John followed his dad into the restoration business, but took a decidedly different path. And the Porsche path has proven to be quite lucrative; a typical top-to-bottom, nut-and-bolt rebuild fromWillhoit Auto Restorationwill set you backat least $150,000. But when you look at the quality of the finished product – whether it’s a customer’s 356 or John’s own’71 911T– you aren’t in quite as much pain when you’re writing out the check.

Source: YouTube