Ferrari 458 Speciale

Italia Intensified: Autocar Drives the Ferrari 458 Speciale [Video]

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The announcement of theFerrari 458 Specialecame as no great surprise. After all,Ferraribuilt extreme, hard-edged versions of the360 ModenaandF430, so seeing a variant of the vauntedItaliawith more power, less weight and an altogether sharper focus on going fast was basically a given. What wasn’t a given was just how outrageous the numbers its maker claimed it would put up were.

Steve Sutcliffeof the long-running (as in the first issue was printed in1895) British publicationAutocarwas recently in Italy to sample Maranello’s latest hot lap hero and, as you can see in this video, his firsthand observations confirm our suspicion: The 458 Speciale is a 458 Italia turned up to 11. The video also confirms our suspicion that it makes the most glorious Italian music this side of Andrea Bocelli’s larynx.

Source: YouTube