Inside Performance BMW X6M Stealth front view

Inside Performance BMW X6M Stealth is One Crazy Camo Crossover

Inside Performance BMW X6M Stealth side view

While we still don’t get the logic behind it (Perhaps there…isn’t…any?), we cannot deny that the BMW X6M is one mean…vehicle. The jacked-up four-door fastback body conceals a brawny twin-turbo V8 and all-wheel-drive. It’s not practical, or very pretty, but good golly is it a hot piece of steel.

Of course, it can always be made hotter. And German tuning shop Inside Performance has made one of these controversial Bimmers considerably hotter. However, the changes it has made to the exterior are ice cold.

Inside Performance BMW X6M Stealth rear 3/4 view

Inside Performance started on the outside by fitting a pair of carbon fiber hood vents and a front and rear fender flare kit from AC Schnitzer; these new fender pieces (which attach to the stock bumpers, front fenders, rear quarter panels and rear door skins) not only look beefy, but they also allow for the fitment of wide 22” Vorsteiner wheels (10” wide in front, 12” wide in back) wrapped in Continental tires. And speaking of wrapped, the whole body gets cloaked in a camouflage vinyl wrap that features a matte white background sprinkled with “pixilated” blue, light grand and dark gray splotches. It looks neat, but we wouldn’t exactly trust it with our life.

Changes inside are apparently minimal, but Inside Performance has mentioned one noteworthy interior upgrade. It’s a multifunction digital display that sits where one of the dashboard HVAC vents used to be (Check it out below.), and it can monitor such engine vital signs as turbo boost pressure, real-time power and torque figures, and the temperatures of various fluids. Cool beans.

Inside Performance BMW X6M Steath multifunction performance monitor

And on the subject of power and torque, there’s significantly more of both. Thanks to a reprogrammed ECU and a lower restriction exhaust system (with butterfly valves that can alter the sound from “mildly annoyed” to “Satan gargling the Battle of Britain”) and catalytic converters, the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 now makes in excess of 700hp and 627 lb.-ft of torque. The stock 6-speed automatic transmission and xDrive AWD system continue to handle the task of putting that grunt to the ground. And a KW Automotive coilover kit helps keep this overkill crossover even more planted in the turns.

Inside Performance isn’t saying how much all of these upgrade parts will cost, but we’re guessing it will be a significant percentage of a new stock X6M’s $92,900 starting price. Of course, when you can spend that kind of coin on a vehicle, what’s another 15 to 20 percent on top of that?

Source: Inside Performance