Infiniti Red Bull Racing Shows How Rhythmic Creating a New Formula 1 Car Can Be [Video]

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Formula 1 carsare by far the most expensive and technologically complex racecars on the planet. Each team rolls out a brand new (or at least heavily revised) one every year, and each car is the result of thousands upon thousands of hours of dedication and labor by, in the case of the top teams, hundreds of people. The process of developing anF1car is not unlike an orchestra performing a concert: Each member plays a specific instrument, and has to make his or her assigned contribution at just the right time in order to form a cohesive, pleasing whole.

Interestingly, there’s one team that has taken that analogy one step further.Infiniti Red Bull Racing– winners of the last three drivers and constructors championships – put together this decidedly artful take on the process that went into creating the squad’s 2013 weapon, theRenault-poweredRB9. From the pencil and drafting table of technical chiefAdrian Newey(He may be old school, but he’s schooling his rivals!), to prototyping, crash testing, assembly and finally the finished product, there’s a lot that goes into crafting a modern grand prix car. Obviously, a lot was left out of this video due to both time and secrecy concerns, but it’s still a good primer on the processes involved.

Source: YouTube