iND Distribution Ear to Ear BMW M3 Convertible (E93) front 3/4 view

iND Distribution Ear to Ear BMW M3 Convertible is All Kinds of Fine [w/ Video]

iND Distribution Ear to Ear BMW M3 Convertible (E93) front 3/4 view

When BMW introduced the convertible version of the most recent M3 – known by the internal designation E93 – for the 2008 model year, many purists were aghast. Sure, it had most of the E92 coupe’s marvelous suspension bits, as well as its howling 4.0L V8, but it also had a folding hardtop (and all the associated sensors, servos and other bits that went along with it) that added a chest-clutch-worthy 441 lbs. to the coupe’s roughly 3,500 lbs. curb weight. Surely this open cockpit boulevardier – an abomination before all M GmbH products that preceded it – would be a failure in the marketplace…right? Ah, no; in fact, BMW’s new super-strength small four-seat convertible – the M4 – retains the rigid retractable roof arrangement.

iND Distribution Ear to Ear BMW M3 Convertible (E93) rear 3/4 view

Okay, you’re saying, but there’s no way the E93 M3 can ever truly be cool! Well, iND Distribution begs to differ. The Illinois-based distributor and manufacturer of BMW tuning parts worked with the owner of this M-DCT-equipped Alpine White example to create a striking tuner car that’s come to be known as Ear to Ear. In addition to a host of Vorsteiner and OEM Euro-spec body parts (the former also providing the 19″ wheels), iND added vents to the stock side skirts and rear bumper, as well as painted emblems, door handles and other trim pieces. The same school of thought was applied to the interior, which features some Euro-spec parts, some repainted parts, and wide swaths of custom-stitched leather (including M Division logos embroidered onto each of the four headrests).

iND Distribution Ear to Ear BMW M3 Convertible (E93) interior view

But don’t assume iND Distribution left the mechanicals of this alabaster automobile alone. In addition to theVorsteiner wheels, there’s a KW suspension kit, Ground Control camber plates, a Brembo brake kit, Dinan airbox and BPM chip tunes for the engine and transmission. That’s still probably not quite enough to keep pace with its fixed-roof brother, but Ear to Ear will at least look damn good trying. Oh, and it’s still no contest in the headroom department…


Source: iND Distribution