Imola Racing Ferrari 612 Widebody

Imola Racing Ferrari Scagletti Widebody

For those unfamiliar, Imola Racing is a solid Ferrari tuner operating out of Wiesbaden, Germany. With everyone focusing on modifying the F430 Modena and Scuderia, the 612 Scaglietti has been treated like the ugly duckling of the Ferrari family.

Imola is turning the tide with the introduction of a full body kit, custom paint job and oversized wheels as well as an upgraded interior. There is no information on whether or not the engine or transmission has been tuned, but it is a relatively safe bet that there have been some suspension and exhaust tweaks, very traditional mechanical upgrades out of the Imola camp.

The arguably plain Ferrari 612 Scagletti definitely benefits from the Imola body kit, which introduces a front spoiler, flared fenders, rear diffuser and super small, arguably petite, rear spoiler. The paint job is two tone with charcoal grey and light grey, which appears on the roof panel and side body scallops. The wheels have black inserts with deep dish chrome lips.

We are definitely looking forward to more details being released. For now, the Imola Ferrari 612 Scagletti Widebody appears to offer a very complementary set of modifications that maintain the car’s understated appeal with a little extra pizazz.