Iconic GTR: 800 Horsepower + 2200 Curb Weight = FAST

Iconic GTR - Side Iconic GTR - Rear

The Iconic GTR, presumed to be the next great American roadster will make an appearance at Pebble Beach this weekend. Taking it’s queues from Formula 1, the GTR features a naturally aspirated 800 horsepower engine with a curb weight less than 2300 pounds. The power plant is a 6.9L aluminum V8 that delivers 660 pounds of torque.

The car is adorned with “jewerly-quality, finished tainless steel” accents. With it’s vintage styling, world class power to weigh ratio and special touches, this first production run will be sure to go quick. Only 100 in total will be manufactured. It will be very interesting to see how this car evolves moving forward.

Source: Iconic Motors