ICON Duesey is a Beautiful Brand Extension

For something that started as an offshoot of a successful vintage Toyota Land Cruiser parts and restoration business, ICON has certainly taken on a life of its own. Founder Jonathan Ward and his team have made quite the name for themselves giving classic Land Cruisers, Ford Broncos and other classic SUVs and trucks ultra-slick makeovers and endowing patina-crusted classics with modern performance through its Derelict program. Now the company is expanding into the domain of premium watches, and the first one is a real doozy.

Or rather, it’s a real Duesey, as in the nickname given to Duesenberg automobiles. Inspired by the appearance of a Duesenberg Model A’s tachometer, Ward devised a jarringly minimalist (yet still elegant) design featuring a small semicircular window for the minutes display and an even smaller on for the hours cut into the onyx dial with polished brass accents. The 42 mm case is formed from polished titanium, with a Dubois-Depreaz Automatic 14400 movement controlled by a crown adorned with ICON’s lizard mascot, with a black alligator strap to keep the whole ensemble in place.

Just 50 examples of the ICON Duesey are scheduled to be produced in Switzerland, at a price of $11,500.

Source: ICON