IAD Mosler MT900 GTR XX Twin Turbo Land Shark, The Fastest Ever?

IAD Mosler MT900 GTR XX Land Shark

There are claims and then there are facts. Sometimes the lines are blurred. Such is the case with Intense Automotive Design‘s new project, “The Land Shark“, based on the already awesome Mosler MT900 GT XX. IAD has stated that their reworked version sheds 551 pounds, produces 2,500 hp with a top speed of 305 mph and a has a redline of 10,000 rpm. Mosler Automotive uses the Corvette’s LS7 engine with a pair of turbochargers. And this is where things get dicey. GM Performance Parts has an LSX engine that has theoretical horsepower thresholds matching those suggested by IAD, but not using the LS7. It will be interesting to see the real extent of the engine modifications which must be substantive.

The stardard 2009 Mosler MT900 GTR XX does 0 to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and IAD’s iteration claims a 2.5 second time. In addition, IAD also claims a 0 to 150 mph time of 6.7 seconds, reaching 250 mph in just over 17.5 seconds. And, there is another suspicious declaration… Allegedly, the IAD Land Shark can perform the 0-100-0 task in 8.7 seconds. The car actually has a theoretical top speed of 375 mph using racing fuel. In the standard setup it runs four types of fuel – petrol, methanol, hydrogen and ethanol – making it officially a “hybrid” car.

Intense Automotive Design’s Mosler MT900 GTR XX incorporates new aerodynamic modifications such as updated dive planes, a revised front splitter, air intakes and outlets installed on the sides and roof and an air duct channel added along the belly pan. The car rides on front wheels measuring 11.5×19 inches and massive rear wheels at 14×20 inches.

Look for this IAD’s modified Mosler MT900 GTR to be at the 2009 Bonneville Speed Week, which kicks off August 8th, in an attempt to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. And shortly thereafter, if the car isn’t somewhere in the stratosphere, it will make an appearance at Nurburgring.

Source: Intense Automotive Design

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  1. Zack Chases Cars

    For the moment, I am absolutely speechless. I only wish it was August 9th to see what happens. 2500 hp in a car that’s not shaped like a brick, and has race car genes in it, I don’t even know what to think. Fuel shortage? Hardly. This is awesome.

  2. psychochick666

    You people that fawn over this car need to do your research. The Mosler MT900 started as a legitimate attempt to mass produce a sports car but now is nothing more than a vehicle to keep a billionaire tax evader-ego maniacs name out in public and use as gifts to his lawyers or enticements for the people who he has business dealings with. There is a reason why shameless self-promoter Mosler has recently replaced his knowledgeable car people with MySpace/trustfund kiddies who have never even had jobs before let alone experience in the auto industry, and hires mostly temporary 10.00 an hour crackheads and drunks to put it together the four times a year he needs one built. Do you remember the goofing other car publications did on Moslers employment ads ? Who do you think answered them ?? There is a reason why he lets the (mis)management team throw money away at a rate that would shock a corpse and purposely allow the bizarre situations that have poisoned the facility to go unchecked. The Mosler factory is mostly a tax write-off and money sheltering company and a place to put friends of his that cant function in real job situations. Do you really think someone is going to pay 350k for a car that the finishing on is not even up to the TaTa with all the Lambos, Ferraris, GT40’s and other cars supercars that are out there ? The Mosler name is worthless to the reputable local bodyshops and suppliers. Real car people in that area know what a joke the ‘organization’ is and avoid it like a case of the clap. The car isnt EPA or DOT approved and will never be. Warren doesnt want it to be or it would be handled by now. The cars going to Germany were started four years ago in England and are being pieced together with whatever is lying around. Do your research, every time you give this glorified kit car press time you are perpetuating the scam further. If you have any reason to think this is untrue, why dont you ask the revolving door of current and former employees to come forth with their experiences with the Mosler organization ? If you do, alert Jerry Springer to be on hand for the event.

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