HYT Skull Vida is Ivory Insanity

It’s not often “skull” and “stylish” are uttered in the same sentence (at least not without a “not” sprinkled in there as well), but the latest offering from watch producer HYT can arguably be described in that manner. The HYT Skull Vida is part of the company’s Skull Collection of timepieces, but the haunting dial residing inside the 50 mm black titanium case is sure to cause a stir, for it is carved from the tusk of a Siberian wooly mammoth. (Yes, now you can piss off animal lovers and archaeologists!) One of HYT’s famous “fluid mechanics” movements – water resistant to 50 meters – drives this watch, while the watch is held on the wrist by a fabric strap with ornate embroidery work.

If the Skull Vida is up your alley, you’d better act faster than fast, since HYT is only planning to make five of them. Oh, and they’ll be priced at $95,000 each. Hey, it’s not like they’re making any new Siberian wooly mammoths…yet

Source: HYT