HYT H4 Gotham is Fancy Fluidity

When it comes to originality in watch design, HYT is one of the best in the business. The Swiss company has made quite the name for itself by forsaking mechanical hour hands for tubes (or as HYT calls them, capillaries) of colored liquid that fill and empty to indicate the hour. HYT has been awarded seven patents for the concept (and the fluid, bellows, reservoir and other subsystems that comprise it), and it has entered the next phase of its evolution with the H4 Gotham.


This new watch marks a significant departure for HYT in that it is the company’s first offering to utilize a 3DTP (3-dimensional thin-ply) carbon fiber case – measuring 51mm across – to house the internals. Those internals include the aforementioned fluid display, plus one of HYT’s own hand-wound skeleton movements with a power reserve of up to 65 hours to drive the fluid transfer system and the dials for the minute, second and power reserve dials. Just 50 of these interesting timepieces will be made, with a price inversely proportional to the number being made: $79,000. Sure, you might blanch at that figure, but Bruce Wayne certainly wouldn’t…

Source: HYT