HYT H2O is a Panoramic Peach of a Watch

While it’s easy to dismiss Swiss watchmaker HYT as a one-trick pony, it has managed to perform that trick (i.e. the company’s ingenious hydro-mechanical movements actuated by vibrantly-colored fluid) in a multitude of ways. The latest way goes by the name of HYT H2O, and it does away with traditional crystal surrounded by the front part of a case and replaces them with a wraparound sapphire dome or bubble. The front and sides of the Renaud & Papi movement are on full display, while the hydraulic fluid, hour graduations and various trim bits are available in either green (paired with a black DLC-coated steel case) or blue (with a brushed stainless steel case).

But the availability of both versions of the HYT H2O will be limited, to say the least: Just 25 copies of each, so you’ll be hard pressed to get your hands on one of these watches. Then again, even if scarcity wasn’t an issue, the $95,000 price tag might be.

Source: HYT